deBridge Announces $5 5 Million Fundraising Five Months After Winning the Chainlink Hackathon

In the end, Chainlink hopes to provide a fun learning experience and give its community the opportunity to build, win rewards, and generally have a good time. In prizes, received nearly 290 project submissions, and recorded 7,800+ signups—double that of Chainlink’s Spring hackathon. Participants from around the world came together to showcase their passion and talent for building the next generation ofhybrid smart contracts. Overall, the Chainlink Hackathon serves as a valuable avenue for developers of all experience levels to reach their goals.

Chainlink Hackathon

This fall, Chainlink organized a global hackathon for developers to come together and build a variety of blockchain applications, regardless of their experience in Web3. “As one of the largest hackathons in the blockchain space, this is the stomping ground of innovation. It’s at these events where the future of technology and Web3 is built.” June also saw the successful conclusion of the Chainlink Spring 2022 Hackathon, Chainlink’s largest hackathon to date with over 8,500 signups from new and experienced developers in more than 20 countries and 340 complete project submissions. The event also featured 50 hours of live, specially created educational content.

If you want to call a specialized API from your smart contract, you can use or build a Chainlink External Adapter. Creating a new External Adapter is a fantastic hackathon project for developers who are new to Chainlink and a popular approach among previous hackathon winners. Just months ago, Pitango, a prominent Israeli venture capital firm, launched its Web3-focused venture lab named “First Labs.” First Labs aims to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 ecosystems.

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Learn more about Chainlink by visiting or read the documentation at Sponsors for Chainlink’s Fall Hackathon included Moralis, Filecoin, SNZ Holding, UFO Gaming, Polygon, Avalanche, Alchemy, Harmony, Aurora, Google Cloud, Ernst & Young, and UNICEF. If you’re interested in submitting content to be considered for publication, please carefully review the Chainlink Today Content Submission Guidelines to help you get started. Founded in 2018, Smart Liquidity Research is Independent Content News Network, discovering latest updates from the Worlds of Crypto , Blockchain , NFT , Web3 , Defi , Startups and other digital ecosystems. Encode & Chainlink Hackathon Launch, Registration is open until Friday, 5th August. Encode & Chainlink Hackathon Launch is on 28th July, lasting 4 weeks through to late August.

  • We’re excited to announce that registration is now open for the Spring 2021 Chainlink Virtual Hackathon!
  • 75% of the $5,000 available without a chainlink integration, and the additional 25% with the integration.
  • As part of this collaboration, the Israeli Web3 community will be directly connected to Chainlink and its global market presence to accelerate the growth and development of Israeli Web3 startups.
  • We provide you with the latest updates and videos straight from the sources that matter in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFT, and general investments.
  • As opposed to the centralized systems of traditional finance, DeFi leverages blockchain technology to enable decentralized, peer-to-peer financial systems.
  • This is interesting because of OKEx’s large user base, what comes second only to Binance if sorted by volume.

While this nascent DeFi system has its clear advantages, it’s currently quite fragmented. Each project will also need to have a video that represents it and showcases available features, and the video needs to be up to 5 minutes long. The video is mandatory, although Chainlink noted that it is fine even if it only has the developer talking and explaining how the project works. The project has offered more information about the new event on a dedicated page on its website.

Hedera Hackathon

Chainlink’s open source oracle system provides smart contracts in the Web 3.0 ecosystem with decentralized oracles that will reliably connect those contracts with key off-chain resources like data feeds, APIs and various payment methods. As part of the collaboration, Chainlink plans to create an implementation for the Polkadot project, making a large amount of off-chain data feeds, various APIs, and traditional payment services available to all contracts on the Polkadot network. Chainlink uses a decentralized oracle network to validate the data before it triggers the contract. This eliminates single points of failure and maintains the overall value of a highly secure, reliable, and trustworthy smart contract.

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Starting on October 22nd, the hackathon is a five-week event where hackathon teams can compete in various categories for over $400,000 in total prizes – with Moralis contributing $50,000 to the hackathon’s total prize pool. Smart contract developers of all experience levels are invited to join the hackathon to learn alongside like-minded developers, designers, and creators to build a standout blockchain application. The project’s announcement on Twitter also noted that winners of the event will receive rewards from a $300,000 large pool. The event will feature some of the best world-class workshops, and participants will get the opportunity to hack with a dynamic team.

Due to China’s strict regulatory policies, most of the NFTs introduced by the major Internet companies are based on private chain or consortium chain technology. In order for chains like Huobi ECO or OKExChain to compete with other Layer 2 networks, they ultimately have to find a way to attract unique app developers to their ecosystems rather than relying on ports or forks from other networks. As Axie Infinity has shown, any blockchain network can become full of transactions and users if the right application is deployed on it. The Chainlink team announced in a blog post on Tuesday that its Spring Hackathon event will launch on April 22nd, 2022.

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